all.things.lady goes kitchen!

Hey Ladies!

So today I am posting about something I haven’t posted about yet – FOOD. More importantly, COOKING food.

Yesterday my boyfriend had his birthday so I threw him a romantic birthday dinner up on the terrace at my house. This is what I prepared:

Melon wrapped in Parma Ham

Emmental and Cheddar cheese Fondue with Pepperoncino

Roasted Duck Breast with Plum Sauce

Decadent Milk Chocolate Truffles
White Chocolate (and later Milk Chocolate) and Bailey’s Irish Cream Fondue with Marshmallows

And obviously wine 🙂

I actually had fun cooking and I started the day before with the chocolate truffles. I shared this photo with you on facebook.

IMAG0259 IMAG0261 IMAG0260 IMAG0262 IMAG0263 IMAG0264 IMAG0266 IMAG0267 IMAG0269 IMAG0256 IMAG0257 IMAG0258

It was a really lovely evening! We had fun but by the end it started raining so we had to move everything inside.  I guess it was a pretty decent birthday dinner 😉

I might be posting how I prepared the duck and maybe the truffles too.
These are the recipes I followed:

Laters ladies! xxx



12 comments on “all.things.lady goes kitchen!

  1. Mammu says:

    Sounds like a delicious dinner!

  2. Stephen says:

    I can confirm that everything was delicious! 😀 Even though I look like an idiot in that photo!

  3. Amria says:

    i going to have to stop chewing my pc screen at some point…looks great! yum yum yum

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let us know how you cooked the duck!! I can’t cook duck if my life depended on it, so looking forward to that post! See u 2mrw morning 🙂

  5. FreeUrCloset says:

    Mmmm…that whole spread looks delicious!

  6. What a lucky boyfriend! 🙂 Much love xx

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