My March Favourites

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are doing great.

So I decided to start a series of post with monthly favourites. I hope I will stick to it! In this sort of post I will discuss the products I reached for most during a particular month.


Without a doubt, my foundation! I have been using L’Oreal Paris Mat’ Magique Foundation for around 6 months or so. I have also convinced my sister to use it. It is the best foundation I have used so far. Gives great coverage and is completely matte.
DSCF7279 DSCF7281 DSCF7282

Next would be the Catrice  Re-touch Light-Reflecting Concealer. I have spoken about this a number of times and I think it is really great, A light formula which is buildable for a good coverage. I have finished two of these already as you can see in my empties post here. I also reviewed this concealer here. I am out of this one so for the time being I will we using my e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer.IMG_4564


Next would be this lovely Blusher and Highlighter Duo in Sweet Peach from Vivo (see my first Vivo haul here). Ever since I got this, I never used another blusher, honestly. It’s completely matte as well which is something I love and it comes with a slightly shimmery highlighter with it to accent above your cheekbone and your browbone.2013-03-08 09.56.29

2013-03-08 09.57.24


Also by Vivo, is their lipstick in shade #8 Barely There. I have used this lipstick almost daily this month. It is a pretty colour, slightly more pink than Catrice #010 Be Natural which I mentioned in my top 10 make up products list which actually, needs to be revised urgently!DSCF7697 DSCF7698



From Wjcon, I love love love this longlasting eyeliner in #14 gold leaf. It is really pretty and gives your look a little bit of dazzle! It is quite metallic, so at times it looks as if it is white because it shines so much but I love it nonetheless. Will be going back for more beautiful colours 🙂 You can see all I bought that day here.


A Mascara I have been reaching for it the Catrice Glamour Doll because even though I have had it for less than 2 months, the consistency of the formula is getting a bit dry so I am trying to use it all up before it is no good. The mascara that I have actually been liking alot is the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara by Fabulash. It has a big wand, a very neat one at that. It doesn’t clump and the formula actually smells nice.  I think I have first heard about this from the beauty guru Emily Noel. It darkens and lengthens your lashes. I would put it on par with one of my top mascaras, the Catrice Volume Plus+ Length Mascara which I have reviewed here. It is less clumpy though but you have to layer up a lot to get the same result. I like it for every day use and I sometimes use its wand when other mascaras clump my lashes together, to help separate them.




Also from Wjcon are these facial cleansing wipes. They are really good – probably the best I have ever used. They do not scratch your face or make it overly red. They do not dry your skin or make it feel sticky. They are perfect and they smell lovely. I have reviewed these babies here.


I have also recently bought my first eye cream. So bare with me if my knowledge on the subject is limited. I decided to go for Good Things’ eye-cream because I do not want a bunch of chemicals on that area (or any area of my face and body for that matter). This one is made out of only good things 🙂 I have seen a difference ever since I have started using it. I use it twice a day and I use it religiously (almost). I apply it first thing in the morning and last thing before I sleep. It has reduced my darkness to a minimum though my under-eyes were’t excessively dark to begin with. This has helped me use less concealer and have a brighter look to my face. Do check out this brand, I also have the Face Cleanser from their range and believe me, their products smell fantastic. Check out this review here of some of their products by Ladywithnoname!.




If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I cannot live without my dry shampoo. I have mentioned this one in the 10 products I like post here. This is the best one I have tried so far, and I do not plan on trying new ones. The ‘refresh me quick‘ one by V05 makes your hair smell great, clean and fresh and it rids you of that yucky smell of greasy hair.



Another awesome product is the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki brush which I won with the bundle in one of their competitions. This is actually all I won here. This brush is so soft… I have only used it for blusher so far but it does the job so flawlessly and blends colour in  lovely way. Definitely a must have from e.l.f.


Those where my favourites for this month. We’ll see what has changed next month! What have you been reaching for lately? Let me know in the comment section.

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3 comments on “My March Favourites

  1. Michelle L says:

    Im definitely interested in trying that dry shampoo and eye cream! I wish it was available here though..

    • marijadebono says:

      Are you sure you don’t get them dear? We don’t usually get a lot of awesome brands here in Malta, but we can sometimes get things off ebay. Maybe if you check a drugstore or a local supermarket! I hope you manage 🙂

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