Review for Wjcon Cleansing Wipes

Hey Ladies!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter 🙂

So, as much as we all like experimenting with make up, we always get home feeling tired and let’s be honest, we never feel like removing our make up. I for one am guilty of sleeping with full make up on more than once. But well, a little bit of effort goes a long way.

As I have expressed before, I usually prefer using cleansing milk over facial wipes. I find that it is gentler on the skin and eyes. I do not feel the need to use a specific eye make up remover like the one I mentioned in this empties post here. Cleansing milk usually does the job without leaving a sticky or dry feeling on the skin.

A few weeks ago I visited Wjcon in Birkirkara for the very first time. I got their cleansing wipes, a matte lipstick and a gold eyeliner. I have mentioned all of these in this haul here. However, that very same day I decided to try them out.


They have now become part of my make up routine. They retail at 3.90 euros at Wjcon which is a great price considering that other brands sell 20 wipes for around 5 euros, and their wipes are usually drying.

This is what I think about them:


– They smell like baby oil
– Remove all make up including heavy mascara
– Leave you skin hydrated and feeling clean
– Cheap when compared to other cleansing wipes
– You could probably use them instead of lotion wipes as they are really hydrating
– Apart from the resealable sticker, they have a plastic lid so the wipes will be fresh till the very last one


– Since it is a 72 pack, they are not too travel friendly cause the packet is big, so you won’t carry it in your handbag. I don’t mind this though. I never carry make up removing wipes with me anyway.

The all.things.lady Verdict:

Great product and great value for money

I am glad I tried these out and I think I am set on what wipes I will use when I do. A little effort goes a long way! I usually use one wipe for the eye area and  another one to remove foundation and so on. If you are on the lookout for good, cheap make up removing wipes, I promise this is what you are looking for!

Have you tried any other Wjcon products? I have and I will be reviewing them soon.
Let me know what you know and think about this brand in the comment section.



2 comments on “Review for Wjcon Cleansing Wipes

  1. Actually I for one really enjoy taking makeup off when I get home 😉 It’s a part of my unwind process.

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