Spring Essentials

Hey Ladies!

Spring just started… which means we will slowly say goodbye to our coats and jumpers and start wearing lighter colourful clothes. Spring colours are vibrant, just like nature is during this wonderful time. I spent a couple of hours going over items on polyvore and I came up with these 5 sets showing some spring essentials.



spring essentials 1

…been to Pastel and Black

spring essentials


spring essentials

Dots and Green

spring essentails 2

Rainbow Flow

spring essentials 4

What do you think of these sets? Aren’t the coloursย a breath of fresh air? What is on your Spring shopping list?ย Let me know in the comment section.



6 comments on “Spring Essentials

  1. lady.with.no.name says:

    Love all Sets, especially the second and last!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Roberta says:

    last one is gorgeous!

  3. i love the bag in the first and last sets the shoes from the first, third and fourth set, and the scarf and skirt from dots and green. i love seeing awesome outfit ensembles. it give me so many ideas of putting my own outfits together! love LOVE love. xo sincerely, whitney.

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