Easy Updo with a Donut

Hey Ladies!

So a few days ago, one of you dear readers asked me to say how I do the hair bun like this one here and in this ootd.
Today, after getting back home after having cheesecakes, pancakes and tea with my boyfriend, I decided to do a bun in my hair and ask my lovely sister to snap every step of it 🙂

I hope you find this helpful.


Here goes! 🙂 I promise, it is so easy to do!

You need:

  • Hair tie
  • Donut
  • Large hair tie / thin hair band
  • Bobby pins (the kind that are separate from both ends, like these here.)
  • Hair Spray

Start by brushing your hair so that you get the smoothest hair possible. apply serum if you need to, especially if you ends are dry or split.

Then… Tie your hair up in a neat pony tail – the neater the better. Then just put your pony tail through the hole in the donut.

IMG_4465 IMG_4469

Bend so that the donut is now parallel to the floor. Start moving your hair around the donut.


Make sure that the donut is ALL covered with you hair.


When you are sure that all of it is covered with your hair…


Grab the large hair tie/thin hair band and put it around the donut.


Like this…



Then… Stand back up and move the hair that is not part of your bun and move it around your bun neatly.


Pick small strands of hair and roll them around the bun itself.


Using bobby pins, secure the strands of hair around the bun by putting the bobby pins right through the strands into the donut itself.


Do this with all of the hair that is left…


Make sure you roll the hair neatly and pin in several places to get a neat finish.


When all the hair is in place, secure the bun by adding a few extra bobby pins for support.IMG_4489

You are done!


Use hairspray where and if necessary!

IMG_4499 IMG_4503

These donuts have literally changed my life!

Sometimes, I do not manage to wash my hair very frequently – Problem solved
Sometimes, my hair is too greasy to keep it down but can be tied up neatly – Problem solved
Sometimes, I do not manage to straighten my hair in time to go out – Problem solved
Sometimes, I am too lazy to do a complicate hair do or a full blow dry – Problem solved

I own two donuts so far; a small one and this one which I used here, which I got from New Look.

If you do not have one yet, I promise, this will make your life so much easier!

I hope this was easy enough for you to understand 🙂



5 comments on “Easy Updo with a Donut

  1. Amria says:

    i love it! you have such long hair, I wish i had yours! haha

  2. Love this tutorial! You are a problem solver! My hair is super curly, I’m thinking I could do this with wet hair, so I don’t have to straighten it. I wonder where I can find a hair donut in the states? You continue to have fabulous posts, thanks for sharing xo

  3. […] A messy bun if it’s Summer time – I’d need to learn how to do it though. I can only wear my hair in a neat bun, using the donut! (See tutorial here) […]

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