How to wear Statement Necklaces

Hey Ladies!

Yesterday night I posted on my Facebook page that today’s post will be about statement necklaces.

Statement necklaces are a worthy investment. Add life to your outfit with a statement necklace. These sort of necklaces make you look chic and make your outfit look polished and complete.

Have a look at how I would wear them…

Evening Gem

statement necklace

Maroon Squared

statement 3

Nature Hues

statement 2

Glorified Geometry

I hope you like these sets and that you found my tips helpful. Would you go for any of these statement necklaces? Let me know in the comment section.



2 comments on “How to wear Statement Necklaces

  1. rivernik says:

    Really love the Maroon Squared!
    I never have the courage to wear statement necklace. Probably because I live in a really small retirement town, so it would look ridiculous if I wear them, but perhaps it’s just me πŸ˜€

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