How to wear flat shoes (and still look great!)

Hey Ladies!

Unfortunately, I am injured again (big surprise :P), which means I have to pass on wearing heels for a little while…

This inspired me to write a post about how to wear flat shoes (and still look great!) I couldn’t sleep last night because I was in pain so I came up with some polyvore sets for you.

Some are not into heels, some might feel awkward as they are quite tall, others can’t stand having to walk in heels all night and others cannot deal with the aftermath! Here are a few of solutions ranging from formal to casual… You can look smart and tidy without having your feet burning the next day.


flats 3

Crochet Flats

flat shoes 1

Nude Plimsolls

flats 4


flats 5

Classic Ballerina

flats 2

What do you think of these outfits? Pretty and neat anyway, right? You don’t have to kill yourself with killer heels!

Bottom line: Every now and then you have to give your feet a break! They deserve it and you can still look great without them.

Have a lovely afternoon.



One comment on “How to wear flat shoes (and still look great!)

  1. […] year. I had actually written a post about wearing flat shoes a while ago, and you can check it out here. Here are also two ootds where I wore flats: […]

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