Review for Catrice Volume Plus+ Length Mascara

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I hope the weekend is treating you well.

I have 2 reviews for you today and they are both Catrice products. I’m really liking the quality and prices of this brand! In this post I will be reviewing the Catrice Volume Plus+ Length Mascara and in the other one, I will be reviewing another one of their lipsticks.

So… Truth be told I didn’t really need yet another mascara. And when I bought this, I was getting another one from their Plus+ range, but then I noticed this one.

I wasn’t expecting much out of this mascara. I mean, I wasn’t blinded by the fact that it said that it lengthens your lashes (wow…). Almost all mascaras promise to do that. As I said in my other Catrice mascara review, my lashes are tiny and barely visible without mascara. However, I was so surprised at the great effect this mascara gives… Have a look!


My lashes without mascara…


My lashes with the Catrice Plus+ Length mascara

IMG_3947 IMG_3959

I didn’t expect much from this wand, it looks very similar to some other mascaras I own. But oh dear, this is by far one of my favourite mascaras for va-va-voom lashes! I think it actually tops Catrice the Giant, which is actually one of my top ten products.

I never get complimented on my lashes… I mean, they’re tiny and with mascara they look normal or well, they show up a bit more.  They actually become visible! They are not noticeably dark, long or curly, but this mascara got me compliments.


My lashes with the Catrice Plus+ Length mascara, Eyeliner: essence longlasting eyeliner


Catrice the Giant XXL Volume mascara and e.l.f. cream eyeliner in black

The results for The Giant and this mascara are quite similar but even though they look almost the same in the photos, I’d say this one gives me more length.


– Lengthening

– Darkening

– Volumising

– Does not flake

– Buildable

– Cheap


– You have to layer up A LOT of coats (but it is worth it)

– Might clump your lashes (use the Giant XXL Volume mascara brush or a lash brush to separate lashes)

The all.things.lady verdict

Fantastic product

Have you tried any Catrice mascaras? Which one/s do you like best?

Oh, and if you liked my polka dot nails in the pictures above, check out my step by step tutorial here.



8 comments on “Review for Catrice Volume Plus+ Length Mascara

  1. I’m actually starting to go along with my MiniMax! 🙂
    I’m on spending ban at the moment though, otherwise I’d try a few more from Catrice. I got their 2012 catalogue from the stand the last time and what a bad idea it was! Having had a chance to properly look at all the products, I know wanna try about half of their range LOL

    • marijadebono says:

      hahaha! that’s exactly what happens to me… I go their stand at university when i have a half hour wait… and I always like something 😛 Glad to hear you’re making your mini max work!

  2. Dee Shore says:

    I use Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara. It’s amazing. I recommend it to anyone.

  3. […] For a moment there it was at par with the Catrice Volume Plus+ Length Mascara which I reviewed here, but I actually love the Giant a lot more. It is less clumpy and has a more hygienic looking […]

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