How to wear Stripes

Hey Ladies! 🙂

Something that never goes out of style is stripes! Much like blazers, stripes aren’t a seasonal thing like dip-hem skirts or studs. So this morning, I was playing about on polyvore and created 5 different looks you could go for when choosing stripes… have a look!


Inspector ‘Stache

stirpes 1


Sail till it Stripes Midnight

stripes 2


You Don’t Stripe Me as the Business Kind…

stripes 3


Striping Colours

stripes 4


It Stripes me that you don’t…

stripes 5

Quite versatile right? You can go for a subtle look or a bold one with stripes. Which one would you definitely never go for? I for one would never wear striped pants. Which one would you go for? Let me know in the comment section.


I finally got my hands on a striped blazer, which is listed in this haul here. This is how I wore it in this Outfit of the day post here. I hope you like the look.


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8 comments on “How to wear Stripes

  1. I love that stripes are soo timeless and cute! I keep adding more and more striped pieces to my wardrobe!

  2. Love all of your set looks! You have a great eye for styling! Just started following you on Polyvore! Can’t wait to see what else you have to share 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    Main thankies for that article. Great.

  4. I’m shocked how good this blog is.

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