How to wear Polka Dots

Hey ladies!

So earlier today, I posted nail look featuring polka dots… This easy peasy nail look is done in only 3 simple steps. This is the one I’m talking about here.

Now I am going to share how you can style polka dot garments in different ways. I hope you like these sets I prepared for you and that they serve you as inspiration next time you feel your outfits are stuck in a rut!

Stars in the Dark Sky

polka and blue

Spotted in Pink and Red Tonespolka and skater

Spotted at the beach

polka beach

Tie me on the Spot

polka and white


Spotlight Reds

polka dots and red
What do you think? Would you go for any of these? Which ones?
Let me know in the comment section.Have a lovely evening.



5 comments on “How to wear Polka Dots

  1. I love polka dots, my favourite outfit out of the above is ‘tie me on the spot’.

  2. domek says:

    Very educational post. Your current Weblog style is awesome as well!

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