Beautiful Blue Nail Polish

Hey Ladies!

I chose this nail varnish by Florelle, it is from their easy flo collection. The brand is very affordable and they carry make up and nail polish. I had been looking for a blue nail polish, and this is the one shade I truly liked.



  • Beautiful Colour
  • Two coats will do
  • You won’t even need top coat
  • Will not chip
  • Does not apply streaky
  • Varnish did not dry up or become sticky after being in my drawer for over 2 years


  • It has a thin brush (I have really gotten used to the wide brushes)

The all.things.lady verdict:

Great product –  It gives a really perfect finish and is shiny in a perfect way.

Have a lovely evening!


P.S. Thank you Danika for the amazing work on the full set gels. (No, those are not my natural nails!)


8 comments on “Beautiful Blue Nail Polish

  1. blue is my fave nail polish colour ever, and this colour looks gorgeous. never heard of this brand though

  2. Shoot, I actually bought Time for Romance yesterday 😉 I only swatched it one finger so far, hmm…

    I love blue nail polish! The darker the better 🙂

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