How I style Stiletto Ankle Boots

Hey Ladies!

So today, I went to a business breakfast in order to promote my artwork (which you can see in the photo section here), and I wore my Dorothy Perkins Suit, my Nara Camicie shirt and New Look Stiletto Ankle Boots.

I was thinking, about the versatility these kind of boots offer… and I experimented a little bit on polyvore.
P.S. I am still new to it, so please bare with me if I have major faux pas.

This is what I came up with:


I paired them with jeans for a casual but sophisticated look and threw a trench coat over everything.

Untitled #3

In this look I paired a ‘masculine’ laced up pair of boots with a delicate lace top, bodycon miniskirt and lace cuff bracelet.

Untitled #4

In this look I chose a navy blue dress with black lace-inserts and paired it with a sparkly gold clutch bag. A chunky golden choker and a trench coat to complete the look.

Untitled #5

In this last look, I paired an asymmetrical cream shirt (I own a burgundy one just like this one from boohoo) with a leather looking pair of leggings. Lace paneled boots and a clutch bag give an overall soft look. P.S. Have a look at this ootd here, it is very similar, and I am wearing this shirt in wine.

What do you think of these looks? Would you go for anything similar? How would you make them stand out a little bit more?

I hope you liked this post and I wish you all a great weekend!



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