My top 5 Perfumes

Hey Ladies 🙂

I am very excited about this post because it is my first ‘requested’ post, requested by the lovely lady, Dianne! Please feel free to give me suggestions about what you would like to see, after all this blog is yours to read.

I have always loved perfume. An old friend of mine had got  me into appreciating it, a while back, when she used to take me to a particular shop and we’d test perfumes one after the other. I do not own a massive collection of perfumes, but I do have a good number to choose 5 favourites from. For some reason, perfume is thought of as the least effort-making present. In my opinion, fragrances are quite personalized as you got to know a person quite well to know what sort of scents they would be into. I prefer subtle fragrances that have an either fruity/ flowery/ fresh scent. If I had to choose one strong perfume to go on the list I would choose Midnight Poison by Dior.

Here are my top 5, subtle fragrances, in no particular order:

Lacoste – Touch of Sun


Calvin Klein – Euphoria Blossom


Davidoff – Cool Water


The Body Shop – Vanilla


Soap Boutique – Charme D’Orient (TheSoapBoutique Facebook Page)


Do you own any of these perfumes? What kind of fragrances do you usually like?



11 comments on “My top 5 Perfumes

  1. i love midnight poison! I’ve ran out of it though, hopefully someone will gift me with another one. I also love the vanilla one by body shop. And I have a lacoste one too with a bottle similar to yours but it’s in pink (sorry forgot the name) but the smell never lingers on me.

    My absolute favourite perfumes though are J’adore, Lolita Lempicka and Dolce Vita. I really would love to buy Chance and the apple one by DKNY too!.

  2. Dianne Bonnici says:

    Wow!! I’m really honoured that you went ahead with my suggestion and posted this blog about perfumes 😀

    I have never tried CK’s Euphoria Blossom but I own Europhia Forbidden which is a personal favourite night fragance 🙂

    I also like Body Shop’s Vanilla eau de toilette…I have the body spray version of it and I always end up getting compliments when I wear it – it’s an inoffensive sweet scent, perfect for anytime of day. Jessica Simpson has a heavenly oriental-vanilla eau de parfum called Fancy. If you like Body Shop’s Vanilla scent, you will fall in love with Fancy 🙂

    A good site for perfume reviews is…you may have heard of it! I favour it as it’s more reliable since the critics are in fact people who’ve actually tried the product themselves. I’ve used it a lot, especially when it comes to blind purchases from

    • marijadebono says:

      Hey Dianne 🙂

      Of course I went ahead and posted it!

      I’ll look Fancy up! Thanks for sharing that website, I had never heard of it actually! Seems like a pretty great idea!


      • Dianne Bonnici says:

        Hehe I’ve already almost practically finished my second bottle of Fancy and it’s 100ml, which is a lot! I’m not very loyal towards perfumes, but I got hooked to it 🙂

        You’re welcome! I really recommend 🙂

  3. flo says:

    I had the touch of pink too and I loved it…. but also never bought a new one because the smell doesn’t last very long. At the moment I really love addict 2 by Dior. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Marija a big thanks for including the perfumed oil I sent you in your top 5!!!! It was actually a request by another lovely lady (your mum:))) It’s actually an amber perfumed oil refill from Charme d’Orient – Paris and must say it’s one of my favourites too. Well done for your lovely blog – Michelle (The Soap Boutique)

  5. pinkpearline says:

    Oh wow LAcoste touch of pink and cool water has been my all time favorite.. and these days , lacoste touch of love! Your collection is so similar to mine.

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