Review for Essence Pure Skin – Anti-Spot Moisturizer

Hey Ladies,

I have a second review for you today. Check out my first one here.

I will be telling you about the Essence Anti-Spot Moisturizer from the Pure Skin range. I got this last week for only €2.40. Truth be told, I haven’t tried that many moisturizers, except for some from Simple and some from Missha back in the day. This one however is quite good.

This is what the product looks like, front and back:



– It gives enough moisture

– Doesn’t feel sticky

– Doesn’t feel thick on your face

– Doesn’t feel too greasy on your face

– Doesn’t take ages to get absorbed by your skin

– Smells fresh

– Gives a nice soft feeling to the skin


I cannot think of any negative points about this product at the time being, but I’ll make sure to include them here if I notice anything when I’m using this product.

The all.things.lady verdict:

Good product. However, I still don’t know if it actually does something to spots as it claims.

Have you ever tried any of the pure skin range? I had only tried the make up remover wipes which I didn’t really like.
I hope this post was useful!

Have a good week ladies 🙂



2 comments on “Review for Essence Pure Skin – Anti-Spot Moisturizer

  1. Rikzah Zia says:

    I have been using their anti-spot compact powder and that thing is a total knockout !! ❤

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