Products that can double as another product

Hey Ladies!

I am sure you are used to maybe buying an item and not loving the colour… or maybe feeling that it made you look pale, too orange or whatever. Today, as I looked through my stuff, I searched for items that I either didn’t like or that are so good, they could be used for other things too.

Here is what I found…

Essence eyeshadow base as a Concealer


This is the essence eyeshadow base from the I ❤ Stage collection. It is a good product all in all. If you ever run out of concealer, and if you are lucky like I am and this is close to your shade, this can double as a concealer. It doesn’t give full coverage but it is good enough if you just want to hide some marks on your face.

e.l.f. Essentials lipstick in Classy as a Cream Blush




This is the e.l.f. essential line lipstick in Classy. I got this because I must have seen a swatch somewhere that was misleading. It is a pretty pink, but I found that it made my teeth look yellow, so I never used it. It can actually double as a nice pink cream blusher. It blends really easily since it is quite creamy. I am not sure if there are any ingredients in it which you shouldn’t use on your cheeks, but I am assuming that if you can put it on your lips, you can put it on your cheeks.

e.l.f. Body Shimmer as a Highlighter




This e.l.f. Body Shimmer was given to me in one of the offers e.l.f. had. I think the shade is Mystic Moonlight. To be honest I think it is quite a useless product. Who wants to use shimmer on their body? I barely even want it on my face… let alone my body. But anyway, I sometimes use this as a highlight. It is not subtle because it is obviously shimmery, but if you only use a little, it can give you a nice glow to your face. Careful though, it tends to show up a tad too bright on camera!

Lip liner as an Eyebrow Pencil


This is apparently a lip liner. I don’t know who would use a lip liner that is so so dark. I must have bought it by mistake, thinking it was an eyeliner. Today I tried it out as an eyebrow pencil, and it actually works great. There, at least it won’t be wasted!

e.l.f. Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Butter Pecan as Lipstick/Lipgloss




What a pity! This is probably the product I most regret buying from e.l.f. It is the CREAM eyeshadow duo in Butter Pecan. I must have bought it, because I saw it in a video or something. Definitely not worth buying. To swatch these, I had to swipe my fingers around 15 times… It is impossible to get colour on your lids, and when you do, it settles in the crease. I hate this, but I really loved the colours and I love pecan nuts! Today I tried these as lippies. They are actually quite nice. The dark one shows up as a bit of a dark reddish colour. The light colour acts as a nude lip gloss/ lipstick.

e.l.f All Over Colour Stick as a Contouring Colour/Bronzer


As the name suggests, these are to be used all over. I got this in one of their offers as well. The shade is Toasted and it has an orangey scent to it. I sometimes use this on the sides of my nose (to try to make it look slimmer and more contoured). I guess you could use it as a bronzer too.

e.l.f. Studio Cool Bronzer as a Blusher/Eyeshadow


The Cool Bronzer by e.l.f could also be used as a blusher, especially the colour on the right bottom corner. I have heard many times that people use this as eyeshadows too but I haven’t ever tried that. Definitely a product worth getting, one of my top ten.

e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer as a Lip Primer


The e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer is one of the relatively new products from e.l.f. I think this is a good concealer, though might be a bit too creamy at times. I have actually used this as a lip primer (without planning to). I was concealing something around my mouth and must have unintentionally put some concealer on my lips too. I blended it out and applied lipstick over it. I was surprised with how long it lasted.

e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush as a Foundation Brush


The last one is a pretty obvious one. The e.l.f. Powder brush (the flat topped one) can double as a foundation brush. This is quite a popular use for it actually.

That’s all for tonight ladies. So next time you have something you don’t like, instead of throwing it away or giving it to someone and wasting your money, try to think whether you can use it for something else. You will most probably find something you could do with it 🙂

P.S. You can see my full e.l.f. collection post here with one-word reviews!

Have a good night!



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