Striped Nails #2

Hey Ladies,

I have a short post for you today.

It’s striped nails again but this time I didn’t peel off the striping tape, which will make the look last for only a couple of days if I’m lucky. For another way of using striping tape, hover over here.

This is what I used:

  • Catrice Ultimate Nudes in shade 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
  • Straight line nail tip guides (like these)
  • Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in shade 113 do you speak love?
  • Striping tape: Silver and Brown
  • Essence Quick Dry topcoat

Step 1. Paint your nails using the nude colour.

IMG_3499 (1)

Step 2. Place nail tip guides where desired.

Step 3. Paint the other areas using the red nail polish.

Step 4. While the red polish is still wet, pull the nail tip guides off. (Mine weren’t really good, bits from the nude colour got stuck to the glue of the strips: ughhhh)

Step 5. Put striping tape at the middle part of the nail and on the edge of the dark polish (this will help you cover imperfections). Trim it to the same length of your nails (Tip. You can also cut your nails carefully using a nail clipper. It would give you better results.)

Step 6. Apply top coat

IMG_3544 (1)


And, you’re done!

I hope you like this post. I apologize for the crappy photos but the silver striping tape is extremely shiny so it made it very hard to photograph.

Have a good weekend ladies!



One comment on “Striped Nails #2

  1. […] it on my gel nails way back, you can see them here. I also explained how to use tape here and also here. What do you think? Did you ever try striping […]

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