How I wash and dry my brushes

Hey Ladies,

Today I will be showing you how I wash and dry my brushes. I will be focusing on the drying bit.

Washing your brushes is very important, both for the brushes and your face. When applying make up with a dirty brush, you are transferring bacteria directly to your face. Make up application can be clumpy and a bit gross too. Make sure you wash your brushes regularly, I’d say weekly if you can. Your face would notice the difference.

I wash my brushes in warm water and I use hand soap. This is the exact way I wash my art brushes after painting. I swirl the brushes on the palm of my hand till all of the colour is all gone. I sometimes repeat this step for my blush brush and especially when washing my foundation brush. After I do this, I rinse them well in warm water and place them on a towel while I finish the rest.

When all of them are ready, this is how I dry them, making sure that they are not ruined or lose their original shape. Since I think that the Benjabelle Brush Tree is quite expensive, I have raided YouTube till I found the best way to dry them without spending a lot of money! Drying your brushes facing downwards avoids water getting to the glue inside the handle and making your brushes shed earlier than when their time is up.

1. Get a piece of toilet paper and fold it.

5/6 squares of toilet paper should be enough, fold it into a smaller rectangle (say, 1/2 or 2 squares long). Use less according to the thickness of your brush.


Isn’t this the most inspirational photo ever?

2. Place your brush with the hair half way on the folded toilet paper.


3. Roll the toilet paper around your brush till it is secured.



4. Place the brush facing downwards in a glass.

Since the brush is placed mid-way, the bristles will not be squeezed and will not be touching the glass you put them in. The more brushes you put, the more secure they will be.

IMG_3372 IMG_3368

5. Wait for your brushes to dry…

I normally leave them to dry overnight. It would be enough for most brushes, except for the big ones, which I would then air for a few hours. Remove the toilet paper to find a clean brush in its original shape!



All done!

I hope you found this post helpful and make sure to take care of your brushes! The cleaner they are, the more you’ll be avoiding zit and pimples! Also, brushes are quite expensive to buy, so it makes perfect sense to take care of them 😉

Lots of love,


8 comments on “How I wash and dry my brushes

  1. Dianne says:

    Very interesting blog! Well Done 🙂

  2. basmacue says:

    Very helpful! Thank you =]

  3. Nina Jarto says:

    Do you think it would be ok if I left my brushes to dry overnight in an airing cupboard?? Only because I heard that using a hair dryer isn’t very good for them, so possibly a heated cupboard wouldn’t be very great either, haha 😉
    thanks, really useful 🙂

    • I think that would be alright but I’m not 100% sure. Do you have water heaters and such in the area then?

      I’d still try to keep them upside down to prevent water from getting in the glue.

  4. B. Denning says:

    Great tips, thanks very much, I will take your advise!

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