Recent buys

Hey ladies!

Today I will be sharing some pictures of recent buys with you. Some of these things I really needed… Some of them I didn’t! Most of these items were great bargains. I really hope you like this sort of post, and I would really appreciate your feedback. I will be sharing 20 items with you today, so I better get started!

Maroon Skater Dress

IMG_3209 IMG_3213

I got this skater dress on sale at €17.62 from It is very flattering and the material is something similar to chiffon. The back is quite see through. I really love this dress. I was looking for a nice red dress that screamed ‘pretty’ rather than ‘sexy’ in an obvious way. There are still some in stock if you’re interested.

Coral peep toe court shoes


I also got this pair of shoes from vestry. I haven’t worn them yet so I can’t really say anything about comfort, but I’m not expecting them to be comfy… 😛 I like the cork heel. I got this for only €11.75, so definitely a great bargain! Unfortunately this isn’t available anymore on their website. That’s all I have to share from vestry. Onto something else…

Khaki shimmer dip hem maxi skirt


I got this skirt from It was my first dip hem skirt, and I wasn’t too sure about it. It has little golden sparkles which do not show in the picture. It comes with a skinny black belt too. I wore this on Christmas eve paired with a plain black top, a blazer and black stilettos. It cost me €11.75 on sale when riverisland had a free shipping offer.

Red hair cuff



I have been looking for a hair cuff for quite a while (I still am). But I liked this one so I thought I’d get it. I found it at a local pharmacy. I am still looking for a metal cuff though so let me know if you see any. I still haven’t used this one!

Contrast Red Blazer


I got this blazer from I got it on sale for a bit less than €16. I love the fact that boohoo now ship for free. It’s quite a nice blazer, though truth be told I thought it would be a primary red colour, when it actually is more of a corally red. I haven’t worn it yet but I think it would look great with a little black dress or tight jeans and heels.

Double Breasted Sleeveless Mac


I got this one from boohoo too. It was just a little under €12. It’s quite nice and the material isn’t too thick, so that’s a good thing. The only thing is that it is a little bit tight from the shoulder/arm area. But other than that, it’s a great buy.

Sleeveless Double Layer Asymmetric Blouse


I really like this one! I wore it once so far and it needed a little belt because it was a tad too baggy. I wore it over leggings and stiletto ankle boots and it looked really great. It is quite sheer but it is really lovely. I got it for a bit less than €15, which is quite a good deal because it is very dressy.

Skater dress in Floral Print


A while ago I realized that I don’t really have anything with floral print except for some summer skirts. Initially my sister was getting this dress from ASOS but when she decided not to, I decided to get it myself. It came with a neon pink skinny belt which is really pretty and would look great on dark denim. It is really flattering, quite tight at the chest area. I paired it with a pearl peter pan collar necklace that I got from New Look (which I will show you later). I wore it with flats the first time, and ankle boots the second time and rust opaque tights from Tally Weijl.  This was on sale and I got it for less than €18.

Quilted Diagonal Clutch Bag


I got this because I didn’t have a bag in a nude colour. I haven’t used it yet because it is actually much larger than I thought it would be. It is larger than it looks in this picture. It is nice but since it is quite large, it’s not very dressy. It is from ASOS and is still in stock. I got it on sale and it cost me just €6.25 (It is now marked as €16). I know I will wear it, but probably not with a dress. I think I’d use it with a pair of tight jeans, a shirt and a blazer.

Parfois Brown Bowler Bag


I got this bag as a present and it is really lovely. It’s my first bag from Parfois and it is really spacious. It looks expensive and it is very well made. You can attach a long strap to it but I find that it is cuter this way. Believe me, everything fits in this bag! I wore it in this look.

3-Tone Handbag


I needed a bag that would fit all my stuff for everyday use especially for university. I got this with a voucher I got this Christmas from Accessorize. It was one of the few that weren’t on sale and it cost around €45. I love the fact that it has three colours (the sides are brown), as it would go with a number of shoes.

New Look Clutch Bag 1



Yes, as you can see, I am quite a bag fanatic. I have so many handbags and yet I never seem to have enough. I got this hard-case clutch bag from New Look for around €17. I definitely prefer this to the ASOS one, it is around half its size. It obviously barely fits anything, but it’s enough for my phone, my keys, a packet of tissues (the mini ones fit better) and a very small purse. It is really pretty and the silky material on the outside is really beautiful. (P.S. Mr.Elephant is only there to act as a stand for the bag not to topple over! :P)

New Look Clutch Bag 2



Just around a week later, I went to New Look in Fgura and I saw this black one… The Sliema shop didn’t have the black one, as I would have gotten the black one if they did. Truth be told I needed a black one more than I needed the nude one. Luckily enough, my dear boyfriend understands this handbag obsession that I have. Ok, maybe not understand but you know… He decided to get it for me as an early birthday present (a very early one at that!). I have already used it 3 times. Oh and the metal parts of it are so shiny, you can see a reflection of me in it 😛 Every time I wear these bags, I joke about leaving the house with a very pretty lunchbox.

New Look Stiletto Ankle Boots


I had wanted a pair of this type of boots for a while, so when I got a voucher from New Look for Christmas, I couldn’t not head to New Look’s shoe section. I saw them and I fell in love. I had to look at these shoes without wearing them for over three weeks because I had a little operation done on my foot. But I finally got to wear them, and to my surprise, they are not painful shoes to walk in. I’d go as far as saying that I walked in them confidently without looking like I don’t know how to walk in heels! Possibly my shoe of the year, which cost €27.50.

Pearl Collar Necklace


As soon as this collar necklace trend came about, I started looking for a nice one which doesn’t break the bank. I saw this one at New Look at €8/€9.  I still need to experiment with different ways of wearing this. Any ideas?

Black Cardigan


My mother got me this cardigan along with some plain ones from a shop in Rabat. This one has a lace back and it is very pretty. It is a buttoned cardigan but the sides kept rolling in while I shot the photo.

Rhinestone Embellished square Shaped Necklace


Apparently this statement necklace is Black. I got this from and when I opened it I was disappointed that it came in the wrong colour. Mostly because I imagined this necklace on a rather plain black dress. I sent an email to the company and they replied asking me for a photo. After I sent it, they said that it actually is the black one (really?), but since they didn’t have a photo of the necklace in this colour, they offered me a partial refund anyway.

Colored Ribbon Embellished Cubic Necklace


I got this necklace because I hadn’t bought any new accessories in ages and because I wanted to own at least one statement necklace. I was getting bored with the long chained ones. This one is so cool and rather chunky; I wore it in this look… Again, I imagine it over a plain dress or maybe a loose top and skinny jeans. I got this one from oasap as well but was really disappointed that a few days later I saw it on ebay for 1/3 of the price…

Black Onyx Ring



I got this ring from oasap as well. It’s a nice ring and I needed a ring with a black stone. Well, needed is a big word, but you ladies know exactly what I mean. I like it, the only thing is that it is too big for me to wear in the ring finger. I am not used to wearing rings in my middle finger, but I’ll be alright. Still have to wear this, but I like it! Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn my finger blue!

Nara Camicie Red Shirt


The last item is this red shirt. I had gotten a voucher from Nara Camicie around a year ago and I finally found a shirt that I really loved. This was €68. It has a very original design and looks lovely with a pencil skirt and heels. I also wore this with a pair of jeans and ankle boots.

That’s all for now! I’ve shown you quite a lot of my winter shopping. I won’t be having this kind of post soon except when I receive my elf and mua packages. I’ll get back to you later with summer purchases. (I already bought a bikini from ASOS! Longing for summer much?!)

What were your favourite buys this season? Did you take advantage of the January sales at all?
Let me know in the comment section.

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2 comments on “Recent buys

  1. Sarah Grech says:

    The Asymmetric blouse is gorgeous!

    I have the exact same pearl collar necklace. I got it late in summer and I wore it with a black round neck t-shirt, high-waisted denim shorts and black sandals. I completed the look with a floral cross-body bag.

    As for winter.. i would recommend a pair of jeans, plain coloured top and biker boots. Add on a black leather jacket to get a really nice mix of classic and rock chic. I would go for a nude bag as well. I probably won’t add any other accessories so I could make the necklace the focal point in my outfit.

    I hope this was helpful.
    Check out my blog at:

    • marijadebono says:

      Hey Sarah!

      Thank you so much for the tips! Will definitely keep them in mind. I can imagine the leather jacket combination working really well!
      Thanks for reading! Checking out your blog just now 🙂


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