My top 10 make up products

This was my first beauty post on my other blog marlingual. I thought it would be best to start by posting it here.
Here goes…

Those who know me, know that I am no beauty guru. However I do follow a number of beauty blogs and I watch videos and tutorials on YouTube quite regularly. I had been thinking about creating a beauty section in my blog, as lately I have been really getting into make up. This is my first post about this topic and these are my top ten products that I tend to reach for regularly, if not daily, in no particular order.

1.L’Oreal Paris – Mat’ Magique Foundation

DSCF7279 DSCF7281 DSCF7282

I had never used a mousse foundation before. I like this foundation because is matte so it’s perfect for normal/oily skin. I apply it using a flat top brush from ELF’s Studio line and it blends in really nicely. It feels light on your skin and makes your skin feel and look soft. I do like the packaging, the only bad thing about it is that it might not be as hygienic as a pump would have been, and it’s quite annoying that you have to pick it up with your finger, and get foundation beneath your nails. Other than that, I will definitely repurchase this foundation. My shade is 115 Golden Ivory. This foundation retails at 15.25 euros, and though there are cheaper foundations on the market, it is totally worth the money.

2. Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer

DSCF7272 DSCF7274 DSCF7275

I prefer liquid concealers over stick ones. I find that they are a lot easier to work with and do not cake up at all when compared to stick ones. This concealer is intended for under-eye darkness or circles, so it is less thick than the basic concealer, which is something I like. I actually use this over blemishes too. I find that even though it is thin, it is very buildable and gives me the coverage I need. Now that I started using this, I cannot imagine myself without. I use it even when I am not applying foundation and it is perfect. It comes in a twist up packaging with a sponge tip applicator. It dries up rather quickly and you could do without setting this concealer. The only downside to this concealer is that it doesn’t have that much product so you’d run out of it pretty quickly. It is quite pricey for the amount of product you get (9 euros) and it would barely last you for a month. My shade is FAIR 306. I am waiting for the new ELF maximum coverage concealer to arrive in a package ordered. I am hoping that it will be a good replacement for this one.

3.ELF Studio line Cool Bronzer

DSCF7283 DSCF7285This is my favourite bronzer and I use it on a daily basis. It is matte and therefore has completely no shimmer in it which makes it perfect for me. It comes in very sleek packaging. I love the colour on the bottom right corner the most and I sometimes use it as a blusher on its own because it gives a peachy colour. I think that this bronzer is great for contouring and bronzing. It leaves your skin looking radiant and you won’t have people telling you that you look pale if you use this.  It is very pigmented so you have to be careful not to overdo it. It is in the ELF Studio line so it retails for 4.68 euros.

4. Essence long-lasting eye pencil in 01 Black Fever

DSCF7247 DSCF7290

This is the best eyeliner I have ever used. It is also the cheapest! It is perfect for the water line even if you have teary eyes like mine. My eyes tear up if I am in the sun or in a lot of wind, and this eyeliner just stays there. It is quite long-lasting, though it does smudge a little over time. It comes in a twist up packaging, which avoids the hassle of sharpening. I always keep backups of this eyeliner as it seems to go out of stock pretty quickly. It retails for a little over 2 euros.

5. Catrice Cosmetics – The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara

DSCF7321 DSCF7295This is my favourite mascara at the moment. I bought it and I didn’t expect it to be so good. It has a really large wand that comes in a sort of pear shape. It’s great to reach those little lashes at the corners of the eyes. The formula is nice, it’s not too thick but quite black. It does not clump your lashes and it is not flaky. It really does give volume to your lashes, lengthen them and darken them. Without this mascara, my eyes would look really bare. This retails for about 5 euros.

6. ELF Essentials Line – Brightening Eye Colour in Drama

DSCF7286 DSCF7288 DSCF7327

This small eye shadow pallete is very basic and quite versatile, even when used with other colours. It is not matte but the shimmer isn’t too overwhelming even for someone who just can’t stand shimmer. It is a perfect pallette for a smoky eye. It is in the ELF essentials line and retails for 1.81 euros from their UK website.

7. Linea Dolly Single eye shadow in No.17

DSCF7349 DSCF7347 DSCF7332

I got this eye shadow as a part of a present, so I don’t really know where one could purchase it or its’ retail price. I haven’t heard of this brand before. It’s a lovely bronze coloured eye shadow. It is a quite shimmery but not the kind of shimmer that would have chunks of glitter that later end up on your cheeks. I like to use this in the crease over a dark brown/black smoky eye and it gives a really nice effect. (Psssst… I apologize for the ugly swatch photo!)

8. ELF Essentials Line – Lipstick in Fantasy

DSCF7267I had bought this lipstick when I was first trying out ELF. I really like the colour. It is a light brown so it is quite natural but it does give that oomph to your lips when you do not want to go for an overly dramatic look. It is quite creamy and has a rather matte finish. It is in the Essentials line so it retails for only 1.81 euros. There is a swatch of this lipstick in the next point…

9. Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 010 Be Natural


Left: ELF Essentials Lipstick in Fantasy
Right: Catrice Ultimate Colour in 010 Be Natural


I love this lipstick! I had been looking for this exact colour for quite a while. I had tried ELF’s Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph but it was way too light for me. This however is perfect. It’s a nice nude coloured lipstick, it is almost my natural lip colour (only prettier ;)) It glides on really nicely on the lips and is rather creamy. It is not overly shiny. I am so glad that I got this and I will definitely be trying out some other colours from this range. The swatch shown above doesn’t do justice to it as it is so much prettier! This lipstick is perfect to finish off a dramatic eye look – it is subtle but very classy indeed. These lipsticks retail for 4.50 euros.

10. Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes Nail Laquer in 040 Petit Four As Dessert


I love this nail polish. It is a nude so it’s very neutral which is great. I hate having to remove my nail polish when it doesn’t go with the colours I’m wearing, so this nail polish is perfect as it goes with everything. I guess you could also use this colour for a french manicure if you want to but I always apply it on its own. It doesn’t chip. I apply two coats and sometimes a clear topcoat as well. It has a medium-sized flat brush and it doesn’t apply streaky. I also have 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame but this colour is much prettier as the other one is a bit yellowy. I am not sure how much this costs but I think it was between 4 and 5 euros.

That’s it for my first make-up/beauty post. I hope you enjoyed it and that you found it somewhat helpful. Please do leave comments if you tried any of these products or have any possible dupes. My next post will be about my favourite make up brushes by ELF, so stay tuned! (I have to wash them first!)



7 comments on “My top 10 make up products

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I’ve never tried any of these products before. I love the nude colored nail polish!

    – KW

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  3. Raspberry Pi says:

    Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers

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